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Before you read this Creepypasta, I would like you to know a couple of things about it. This Creepypasta is not like the others. It doesn't have Lavender Town, or screaming ghosts, or Pokemon that bleed... Well, without reason at least. But it does feature something that many think impossible for a game: Reaching out to our reality.
Pokemon has been a long-time favorite for me. Favorite game, favorite show... It's been a huge influence since I first heard about it. As I grew up, I became more involved in it where others began to slowly lose their grip on the game before giving it up completely. Of course, Pokemon is always a constant source of sneering and torment from my peers, but I always dismiss it; if I love the game, why should I care what others think?
With the number of Pokemon expanding from 152 (I count Missingno, believe it or not) to a never ending number of new species, I have to love all of them. But my most favorite Pokemon, despite the criticism he receives, is Lucario. I know you will ask, "Why love a bandwagon Pokemon? There's no originality in having Lucario as your favorite."
Perhaps not, but I don't favor him because others do, or because of stats or movepools or any other reason like that. Something just clicked. Ironically, I had started off hating him deeply when I watched his debuting movie because of how rudely he had acted to Ash (Ash used to be my hero before... certain events), but once I had watched the movie from beginning to end, I felt slightly guilty that I had misjudged him. Though I don't recall how acceptance snowballed into favor, I don't question it.
But I stray away from my story with this unnecessary background information. I'll tell my story without any more meaningless banter.
I had bought my first copy of Pokemon Diamond in 2007 (don't worry Genwunners, I owned Stadium and Red in my childhood), and sometime in August, I had reached Iron Island. It was there that, after beating Team Galactic with Riley, I had been given a Riolu Egg by Riley. Of course, being that I didn't read any spoilers or walk-throughs about the game, I had no idea what would hatch, even though the fact that Riley owned a Lucario was a big fat giveaway. Finally, after walking and biking around with the Egg in my team, I finally hatched my Riolu, and after some training, I had my very first (and very own) Lucario! For  a little while, he didn't have a name, which was fine; I wasn't usually the kind of person who nicknamed my Pokemon, save for one or two exceptions every so often. Once my Lucario reached somewhere around Level Thirty, however, I had felt compelled to give him a name for some unknown reason. A Pokemon this great couldn't go unnamed. I took my Lucario to Eterna City, and spoke to the Name Rater. After going through his introductory text, he finally asked me what I wanted to name my Lucario. I stared for a good long time at the screen, which said, "Lucario's Nickname?"
Good question. What should I name him?
Finally, my name drawing to a blank, I entered "Aura". Even as I did, I felt like a grade-A moron. Aura? Really? It's an unoriginal and bland name, I know. But I couldn't think of anything else. Over time, though, I grew used to the name and I loved it.
Now that I had my own Lucario, I always had a special place for him on my team, and I brought him with me to the Elite Four. He was recorded in the Hall of Fame with my other Pokemon, and when all of my Pokemon were up to Level Ninety-Five, I made him my very first Level One-Hundred Pokemon in my Diamond game (a title that would have gone to my Infernape, since he was originally at the higher level). I absolutely adored him.
Then, other games came out. Side games, Platinum, SoulSilver... I became so involved in those games that I left Aura in Diamond for a while. I always considered trading him to whatever current game I was playing, but the thought of having to catch a large number of Pokemon just so I can trade the other ones discouraged me. Throughout all of this, though, I never forgot about him.
Several years later in 2011, Pokemon Black and White was released.
The moment I got the game, I worked hard to conquer the Gyms, battle Team Plasma, and fight N. After several months, I beat the Elite 4, and I unlocked the Pokemon Transfer option.
Even before I had beat the Elite 4, I knew what the Pokemon Transfer could do, and the moment I unlocked it, I knew exactly who I wanted to transfer. I plopped my Pokemon Diamond into my DS Lite, and with Pokemon Black in my 3DS, I used Pokemon Transfer to bring over the first Lucario I ever owned: Aura.
As soon as I finished the PokeTransfer, I ran straight to the PC box, and smiled delightedly as I saw my Lucario for the first time in Pokemon Black. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of creativity put into Lucario's moving sprite, but what did it matter? My old friend was now in Pokemon Black, and since I had a 3DS and was able to configure the Wi-Fi to work with it, I could battle with him like I did years ago!
The first thing I had noticed about online battles is that people took it seriously. Pokemon were set up to work with each other, and depended heavily on factors such as weather, items, and having just the right moveset. I looked over Aura's stats and such, and because I had trained him before having any knowledge of IVs, EVs, and Natures, I realized that I had done a poor job of training him. I later learned that certain Berries could lower EVs that were calculated into specific stats, and I swore that I would retrain him to his full potential so I could do him justice. But because it's harder to grow those certain Berries, I would put it off each time. However, I would keep using Aura in my randomly organized ragtag Pokemon teams, and in each online battle, I expected him to fight with 110%. I grew more and more frustrated during these battles if one of my Pokemon missed a vital status inducing move (or any move for that matter when it counted), if they hurt themselves in confusion, if they were unable to move due to status problems, or if their move didn't have enough power. With Aura, I would be even more mad because I expected so much of him. This would lead me to angrily set down the game and not play it for several days. All of my friends who played Pokemon would tell me, "If you really want to win, you need to replace your Lucario. You have to put a Focus Sash on them if you want them to do any damage at all." But I disregarded their advice. I would use my Lucario no matter what; we had been through so many battles.
The day came when I was battling Trainers in-game to earn money to buy more Hyper Potions and revives. I was at one of Nimbasa's stadiums with Aura and a couple of other Pokemon. Not wanting to use the lower leveled Pokemon because I was EV training them, I had Aura do all the battling. We breezed through about three Trainers, but I didn't stop to heal him at the Pokemon Center, thinking, He's Level One-Hundred; he can take the heat. We finally reached the Hoopster Trainer with the Bouffalant, and I sent out Aura with the assumption that this battle would go smoothly and quickly.
Nothing prepared me for what happened during the battle.
It started off normally enough, with the Hoopster sending out his Masquerain first. I had Aura attempt to use Shadow Claw, but he missed, while Masquerain used Air Slash. This same thing happened for three turns!
"Dammit, Aura!" I snapped, infuriated at the odds that such a thing could happen, "Pull it together and K.O. it!" He did so on the fourth turn, and I watched Masquerain's health bar zip down to zero.
"Finally," I muttered. It was a good thing none of my family members were home, otherwise they'd be criticizing me about talking to my game.
The Masquerain had finally been taken down, but Aura's health had been reduced to the yellow, and not much HP was left.
"Doesn't matter," I said, as I saw the Hoopster send out a Bouffalant. "One Aura Sphere and that Bouffalant is gone." I selected the Fight option, and hit Aura Sphere with my stylus. The turn commenced, and the text box said, "Aura used Aura Sphere!"
I immediately thought this battle was said and done... until I saw the text, "Aura's attack missed!"
That's when I lost it. I hurled my stylus at no specific direction, raging and fuming. HOW DOES IT MISS?! It's supposed to never miss! Bouffalant was right there! Sure, I was making a mountain out of a mole hill, but when something like that happens, it's hard not to be angry.
"WHAT is WRONG with you?!" I snarled at the game, and by extension, Aura. "You used to be my best Pokemon! And now what?!"
Now it was Bouffalant's turn to attack, and it went with Head Charge. The animation played, and Aura's health went all the way down until there was nothing in that HP bar. I thought it was a critical hit, and was about to go on another rant, until I saw something that wasn't supposed to happen. Instead of the text box saying, "Critical Hit! Aura fainted!", it didn't show anything. But Aura's sprite was suddenly sent flying off the screen, in the same animation as a Pokemon being switched out by Roar or Dragon Tail, and the screen went black for several seconds.
Now I had no idea what was happening. This had never happened before.
The screen eventually faded in again to the stadium, and the moment it was clear again, my overworld sprite turned to the left with an exclamation mark over her head. The screen slowly panned to the wall of the stadium, where I stared in disbelief. Against the wall was an overworld Lucario sprite, which I presumed was Aura's, lying on his side. Suddenly, the game cut to black for a brief moment, and the next thing that happened made me emit a noise somewhere between a scream and a gasp.
The game was now showing a cinematic scene, similar to the beginning of the game. Aura was lying against the wall, attempting to support himself with one arm, while the other was clutching his chest. Blood was streaming from his mouth, and collecting in a small pool underneath him. The worst part of this whole thing was that the scene was animated, showing him taking shallow, ragged breaths, as though his air was limited, and his crimson eyes were half shut in horrific pain.
"But this- this isn't possible... It's not programmed into the game! It shouldn't be happening!" This sure as heck wasn't a ghost Creepypasta, but this was scaring me all the same.
The cinematic scene finally faded to black, and went back to the overworld scene again. My sprite ran straight over to the Lucario sprite, and the moment I reached the Lucario, my sprite stopped, and a text box from my sprite appeared. It read, "... No..." Once more, the screen went black, and white text that occurs when one's whole team faints flashed across the screen. But the words were different: "Alex scurried to a Pokemon center, protecting the listless and bleeding Lucario from further harm..."
What was happening to my game? As the game opened up to the Nimbasa Pokemon Center, I thought back to the cutscene of Aura. Over and over, I thought, Please let this be over, please let this be over...
The nurse said, "First, we'll need to see your Pokemon", as though my team had fainted under normal circumstances. The animation of my sprite taking out her Pokeballs went along as normal, but instead of placing them on the healing machine, another text box appeared from the nurse. "Oh my... Your Lucario is injured badly... If you want us to heal him, it will take a while..." The nurse turned around to face the healing machine, but instead of placing the Pokeballs inside, the screen went black quickly, and the sound of a mechanical door could be heard. After several moments, the screen lit up again, and another text box appeared. "We have your Lucario in a special room. It's going to be a long time before he's better, but we'll try and heal him." Then, what she said next made me sick to my stomach: "Your Lucario may not make it."
After she said that, the Pokemon Center's music, which had been silent, started up again. I was able to walk around again, but I didn't move. I tried to talk to the nurse again, but she only said, "Your Lucario is still being watched. It's possible he may die. Check back some other time." This happened five more times before I finally gave up and left the Pokemon Center.
I went outside of the center, but I couldn't bring myself to move or go anywhere else. I ended up turning off my 3DS, and putting it away. Inside, I could feel a heavy, horrible feeling weighing down my chest, as though it was crushing my lungs. Though I couldn't bear the realization, it hit me anyways: I may have just murdered my Lucario.
For the rest of the day, I was quiet and melancholy. When I finally got to bed, I couldn't sleep. My mind was on Aura the whole time.
He might die, I thought miserably to myself before I did finally fall asleep, And it's all my fault.

For the rest of the week, I was withdrawn from the rest of the world around me. The people at school who normally taunted me seemed to be even more brutal, and a few of my friends would ask me if I was all right, to which I would mumble a "yes". Every day, when I got home, I would turn on my Pokemon game to check in on Aura. Every time I talked to the nurse, she would always say the same message she said the first day: "Your Lucario is still being watched. It's possible he may die. Check back some other time." The message would always play when I was at the Nimbasa Pokemon Center, but whenever I went to a Pokemon Center in a different town, the Pokemon Center would function normally as it should. Aura wasn't in any of my PC boxes, or the Daycare, or the Global Link. He was truly missing from my game.
The breaking point for me came during the end of the week, when I had a nightmare of the cinematic scene that had showed Aura badly beaten from the fight he had. My dream seemed to recreate the whole scene with much more horrifying detail than from what I had actually seen. But the most nightmarish factor about this dream was how it ended: After several painful breaths, the rise and fall of his chest slowed... then stopped. I started awake with terror, my face wet with tears that I had shed in my sleep. I spent a good twenty minutes crying as quietly as I could, feeling absolute guilt and despair. Once my sobs subsided, I got out of bed, grabbed my 3DS from its charger, and went back to my bed and turned it on. One more time... I had to check one more time.
I selected my save file, and as the word "Summer" faded on off as the scene opened on the Pokemon Center. I went back up to the nurse, and pressed the A button, waiting for her response.
"Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Center. We restore your tired Pokemon to full health!"
This wasn't anything new. I pressed A again.
"Oh... You're the owner of the Lucario, aren't you?" A "Yes/No" option popped up, and I hit yes.
"Well, it's been a week, and he was injured to the point of near death." As this sentence ran along the screen, the bright and uplifting Pokemon Center music went mute.
"It seems that now..."
I waited.
"... He will be fine."
I shut the 3DS screen, placed it on my nearby dresser, and buried my face in my pillow, taking long, shaky breaths of relief. Oh God, thank you. Thank you so much.
When I had regained some of my composure, I picked up my 3DS once again, and continued to read through the rest of the text.
"Your Lucario's will has helped him to survive. It's incredible that he had the strength."
I read all of this while rapidly tapping the A button. Yes, I was overjoyed, but when was I able to get my old friend back?
The nurse's speech bubble popped up with the following: "However, we cannot return your Lucario back to you just yet."
"What?" I whispered in disbelief. "How come?"
Almost as if the game had heard me (though it didn't), the nurse said, "He wishes to speak with you first."
Forget being in disbelief a few seconds ago; Aura wanted to speak? To me?
"This way." The speech bubble popped up, and after one moment, the screen faded to black, much like it had when Aura had first been wounded. The same mechanical door sound could be heard, and the Pokemon Center music went silent. The screen lit back up to a medium spaced room with bare walls and one bed. There was a window on the farthest side of the room, and standing in front of it was a Lucario overworld sprite. The nurse sprite, which stood next to my sprite in front of the door, said, "I'll leave you alone until you're ready to leave." She turned and exited through the door, with a "Click!" bubble appearing at the bottom of the screen.
I stared at the overworld sprite of Lucario- of Aura. I turned to the door behind me and tried to walk through it, but it acted as a solid wall. Pressing the A button showed a speech bubble that said, "The door is locked."
Was there anything else I could do to prevent talking; to just get out of there? Deep down, I was actually afraid to go up to that Lucario sprite and speak to it.
Hoping to find some way out of this, I opened the menu and tried to save, but it said, "It is not possible to save your game file in this location."
This may not have been a gruesome or bloody experience like most Creepypasta stories, but I was scared all the same. Unfortunately, there was no other way out.
Slowly, I pushed the 3DS joystick upwards lightly, and my female sprite moved one tile forward. Perhaps the game would take it from there like it did with most of its cutscenes?
But after a moment, it seemed like that wasn't the case. I tentatively moved up another space. This time, a text box popped up. It said, Do not hesitate. Come here to where I stand. The words were italicized, and the speech bubble was directly above the Lucario sprite, which still faced the window.
To say I was scared would be an understatement; I was downright terrified. I grabbed my bedsheets, pulled them over myself, and placed my pillow straight on my head. From underneath it, I looked at the screen of the game, scared that some bloody image or screeching sound might assault me. Once more I moved my sprite, this time two spaces up, a pause, and then the final two spaces until I was directly behind the Lucario sprite.
... So... This text box popped up briefly, then disappeared. The Lucario sprite turned to face my female Trainer sprite. It was a long struggle, but I was able to heal from my wounds. Aura's sprite walked one space to the left. I should be able to rejoin you today, though it would take one more day for me to fully recover. He then turned and walked over to the right. However... He walked back to stand in front of my sprite. Since that battle, I have begun to question whether I still enjoy being your Pokemon, partner... and friend...
I was hardly breathing.
Several years ago, we were inseparable; you took me with you in your team wherever we went. I was among the first to have beaten the Elite 4 by your side, and I had always done my best to win for you. I knew that even if we lost some battles, there would be another day for battling, and another chance for me to try my hardest.
Aura turned to face the window again. Now, however... Things have become different. You have become so aggressive with your natural drive to dominate that you have become ignorant to my feelings.
Aura turned once more to face my sprite. There are stories of other Pokemon that rebel against their Trainers. They drove them off with violence, blood, and fear. Even though the strain I was under was stronger than theirs, I never once turned against you. I could never bring myself to scare you in such a way. But your expectations became too great.
As I read his words, I realized he was right; I had expected more strength out of him than he had. The guilty feeling that I had a week ago when Aura was injured returned.
I do not want to leave, my Trainer, Aura said. But unless there is even the smallest remnant of our friendship that is somewhere deep inside of both of us, I cannot stand to stay with you. Tell me why I should still stay with you.
At this point, the screen went black momentarily before opening up on a square with six lines. The format was similar to the Mail items. All I had to do was choose certain words... But how did I put this into words?
I first tried to put, "LUCARIO, I'M SORRY", but to me, it didn't sound right, and it wasn't enough. I then tried, "ALLY, FRIEND, ADORE, FAMILY, IMPORTANT, YOU", but the moment those words appeared, it still felt out of place. I tried several times to find the right words, each time failing to convey how I felt.
After my failed attempts, I finally realized that I had no way of truly putting the right words in. I miserably hit the "Quit" button, and the screen faded back to the overworld. Aura's text box appeared, So you will not defend yourself? Is it because you feel I am not worthy of being in your company?
Another "Yes/No" option appeared. I pressed "no", feeling tears starting to well up again. I felt that I should relinquish my ownership; I didn't deserve to have him on my team.
But another text box appeared. Do you... feel that you are unworthy of being my Trainer?
Again, a "Yes/No" option appeared. Without any hesitancy, I pressed "yes". Being unable to train him to his full potential and disregarding his feelings made me a dead-ringer for "unworthy Trainer".
There was a pause in the game. For a moment, I thought it froze, but then another text box popped up. There is no doubt, then...
"Goodbye, Aura," I whispered tearfully, assuming that I was going to lose my beloved Lucario.
... That your humility and realization has proved that you are still the same Trainer that I once adored. I am glad to be back with you.
"What?!" I squeaked out, trying to be quiet, yet unable to cap the joyful shock that I felt.
Let us go out and train again, my Trainer. We will start from the beginning like we once did before!
Aura's sprite was engulfed in the white rays of a Pokeball, and my Trainer's sprite picked up the Pokeball. The screen faded to black for a few moments, then lit back up on the Pokemon Center, and the music started playing once again.
I saved the game, and whispered, "I'll see you tomorrow... thank you for the second chance," and turned my game off. My mind free of worry and guilt, I easily drifted off into a blissful sleep.

We all have a favorite Pokemon; favorite species, favorite Type, or a favorite individual. But no matter what, you have to look beneath the stats, strength, and movepools and realize why you became so close to that Pokemon in the first place. That was the lesson that Aura had taught me.
This hardly deserves to be called a "Creepypasta"... Oh well.

Anyways, I've been working on this for half of the year. Started sometime in... March, I think? Anyways, I wanted a good story to tell without the stereotypical blood, gore, violence, and Lavender Town Syndrome content. Which is what I slightly hint at when Aura speaks of "Pokemon that rebel against their Trainers" with the blood and such.

So, comment and such, I only want friendly constructive criticism. Don't hurt my feelings.
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Haha, thanks!
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Wow!! This has to be one of the best Pokemon creepypastas I've read!! :D
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You're very welcome! :D :icondummyhugplz:
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Oh my gosh...that's so damn amazing. It's like me with my Zebstrika. I can never put it inside that PC Box. Ever. And I can't release or trade any of my Pokemon away because I think they're all too special and if I do release one, even one I just caught to fill up the Pokedex, I start to cry. Anyway, this was surprisingly realistic; it was really believable. Wow, I'm gonna be thinking about this for a while...
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Thanks! I tried to make it seem realistic without too much blood, or blood everywhere, or Lavender town. Stories that use that kind of get ruined.
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I hate creepypasta stories with the stereotypical Lavender Town music.
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Awww.. This was such a great story! I love this creepypasta! It made me tear up ;_;
Also made me realize that what you (and Aura) are saying is true. It's more about having fun rather than worrying about all of the IV's, EV's, etc!
I seriously loved reading this, it's so amazing >3<
Great job!! Aura sounds like a wonderful Lucario ^__^
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It was good, I enjoyed reading it, and the way you personified your lucario mad it so i could feel the relationship. Very good story.
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